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Peter Holmes, L.Ac., M.H., Kiiko Matsumoto, LicAc., Henry McCann, Andrew Nugent-Head, Assistenz: Dr. Michael Kleiser, Aaron Zizov,
  • 26/01/2023 - 14/12/2023

    Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches in Chinese Astrology and Ba Zi

    Aaron Zizov

  • 26/05/2023 - 28/05/2023

    Nine Essential Needling Techniques in the Clinic

    Andrew Nugent-Head, Assistenz: Dr. Michael Kleiser

  • 28/09/2023 - 29/09/2023

    Palpation diagnosis – Hands on training with Kiiko Matsumoto

    Kiiko Matsumoto, LicAc.

  • 30/09/2023 - 01/10/2023

    Treating diseases of the entire digestive system with Japanese Acupuncture

    Kiiko Matsumoto, LicAc.

  • 02/10/2023 - 03/10/2023

    The Treatment of Parkinson's and other neurological diseases

    Kiiko Matsumoto, LicAc.

  • 13/10/2023 - 25/02/2024

    Tangible Acupuncture for Orthopedic Injuries

    Andrew Nugent-Head, Assistenz: Dr. Michael Kleiser

  • Video-recording: The Integrated Treatment of Immune Disorders with Acupuncture, Essential Oils and Herbs

    Peter Holmes, L.Ac., M.H.

  • Video-recording: Tung Acupuncture with focus on pain management and a masterclass on the 5 Transport Points (in english)

    Henry McCann